Malvern Central (Spring Road) Form 2, 1961 - composite class

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Thanks Vonney Lancaster (née Johns) for the photo; info from Sue Peterson (née Clarke) and Eve Brown (née Reich) who confirm that this is a photo of a Domestic Science class, combining girls from all Form 2 classes in 1961. The class itself was held in a school in Northcote Avenue, Armadale

Back row: (1) Germaine Bergman; (4) Jocelyn Newman; (5) Trenna Tindale; (6) Pam Helmer; (7) Sue Nisbet; (8) Lee Robertson; (9) Lynette Bull; (10) Christine Brearley; (11) Inge Conn
Middle row: (1) Yvonne Johns; (4) Rosemary Brooks; (5) Eve Reich; (6) Sue Kwiat; (7) Nina Pandeli; (8) Marta Kalman; (9) Susie Gordon; (11) Susan Clarke